25 Years of Experience
in Domestic & Commercial Maintenance Business

We have been servicing our clients in the United Arab Emirates for more than 25 years. In addition to the services listed above, we also have expertise in technological solutions, warehouse solutions, air conditioning cooling systems, electrical and power equipment, and all other related services. We have a reputation for dependability and professionalism in the workplace Maintenance Companies Dubai.


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Who We Are

We are a group of experienced Domestic & Commercial Maintenance Company; WE know what the client wants and how to make it for him.

Not all maintenance businesses in Dubai provide services on par with what we provide We offer Maintenance Companies Dubai. 

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Testimonials from Our Happy Clients

They come when I need them and when they’re here, they are very knowledgeable in what they are doing and very thorough. Good Job.
testmonial-1-Maintenance Companies Dubai
Mr. Kulsoom
Dubai Marina
Sabir Maintenance Est. has been maintaining my villa for several months now and we find the company to be very professional in their approach to work.
testmonial-2-Maintenance Companies Dubai
Angela Lee
Emirates Hill
We initially requested them to fix the AC and a month ago they did a few carpentry jobs for us. They did it very well and it was perfect!
Mr. Kazuo

Our Promis

In Dubai, none of the maintenance businesses can make the promises that Sabirmnt does.


We take our job very seriously, so not only do we get the job done but we help you choose the best approach for the task you want done.


Our team of skilled workers understand all your requests and the vision you want to accomplish as soon as possible and with high accuracy.

Professional Teams

No shrouded charges, no agreements, no attempt to sell something No chaos, straightforward – we even clean up after finishing

We are also Nominated on, As best A/c Maintenance Company in Dubai. has listed us as one of the best Maintenance Companys in Dubai, UAE. for offering a wide range of solutions, 30 Min Response, and many more feathers day in and day out.

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Air Conditioning

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