All you need to know about AC gas filling

AC gas filling

Have you observed that your home’s air conditioner’s refrigerant isn’t operating efficiently? Have you noticed that even with the AC on, If you enjoy working on projects around the house by yourself, you may even be able to refuel the air conditioner in your house? Yes, you can always pay a professional to fix your air conditioner, but if you want to do it yourself, keep reading. Therefore, this blog will help you know about AC gas filling.

Why does an AC require gas?

Gas is required by your air conditioner for the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside atmosphere. The refrigerant is a low-pressure gas that undergoes continual cyclic transformations into liquid and back to gas. In copper, coils are refrigerant gas. The heat in the air will be absorbed by the coils and refrigerant. However, To aid in heat transfer and transfer, refrigerant gas will turn into a liquid throughout this process.

Types of Gas Used as Refrigerant in Air Conditioners

AC gas filling

Among various types of gas used as refrigerants in AC, these are the popular ones:


The hydrofluorocarbon gas Puron (R410A) is widely used in contemporary air conditioners. Since it has no harmful effects on the ozone layer, it is frequently utilized as home air conditioning. Due to the gas’s excellent heat transfer efficiency, the air conditioner can produce the same amount of cooling with less effort. Moreover, The gas also runs at very high pressure.


Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) gas called Freon (Freon) is also known as R22. It contributes to the thinning of the ozone layer. Thus, This type of gas is not suggested for home air conditioners. Generally, It is recognized to have detrimental effects on the environment.

R32 refrigerant:

The R32 refrigerant is a low GWP, zero ozone-damaging, moderately flammable refrigerant.

Preparation for the AC gas filling

  • Nearly check the AC: The first and simplest step should be to clean the air filter. Make that the condenser coil is in functioning order for the refrigerant to effectively chill the room or house. 
  • Generally, the dust builds up in the air handler blower fan.
  • Look for leaks or a weak connection: You must inspect for any leaks or weak insulating areas. If there are any issues, they might be brought on by the air conditioner.
  • Also, Read the instructions and make notes: What temperature is displayed on the gauge? Before you continue with the AC gas refill, make a note of this and keep track of it.

Steps to follow for recharging:

  • Connect the hoses to the ports of the system after turning off the air conditioner.
  • Make sure the air conditioner is turned on and that the temperature is maintained. So, Keep it there until it stabilizes and meets the AC’s specifications.
  • Remove the suction line’s screw and connect the blue AC hose to it.
  • Open the cylinder knob for one second after connecting the yellow hose to the refrigerant.
  • Without rotating the container, connect a hose from your manifold to the refrigerant. So, The refrigerant can be started being added to the suction line gradually and in modest amounts.
  • Be sure to lock all of the valves and the gauges on the AC manifold.
  • Additionally, Activate the air conditioner by turning the bottom knob. The procedure to fill the air conditioner’s gas is complete.

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