Common AC installation mistakes that should avoid

AC installation

Although buying and installing an AC in Dubai might be expensive, consumers should conduct some research to locate the finest AC that will endure for a long time. Even if you get the greatest AC, improper installation will prevent you from getting the intended results. An air conditioner’s operation is largely dependent on how it is installed. There are several errors to avoid during the AC installation, whether it is done by you or by professionals.

Incorrect AC Unit Size

One of the most frequent problems during the installation of the air conditioner is the wrong size of the device. If the AC unit you recently purchased is too small, it will provide insufficient cooling, result in greater energy costs, and have a shorter lifespan. A size that is too large, on the other hand, may result in poor humidity management, unpleasant temperature swings, and higher operating expenses.

For these reasons, it’s essential to contact a reputable air conditioner expert and carry out adequate load distribution. To estimate your building’s total cooling capacity, the AC unit specialists will often carefully measure your windows, walls, and ceilings as well as check your property for insulation and other important elements.

Wrong placement of the thermostat

AC installation

The purpose of a thermostat is to control and track a heating or cooling system. The system is often turned on by the thermostat when the temperature in the room is higher than the set average and off when it becomes too cold. So, this gadget is used to maintain the atmosphere’s temperature at the required level of heating or cooling.

It’s essential to install the thermostat correctly to guarantee optimal operation. Your AC system’s performance may suffer if the thermostat is installed incorrectly. Prevent placing the thermostat in bright sunlight or next to heat-producing things since doing so will cause it to use a lot of energy, which will cause your electricity costs to skyrocket. Additionally, the thermostat must not be positioned beneath the airflow from the air conditioner.

Incorporating a Poor Drainage System

An air conditioner produces a considerable amount of moisture when it is running. This wetness has the potential to harm anything nearby if it isn’t adequately drained out. This involves your home, resulting in ruined drywall, clogged plumbing, mold development, and musty odors.

One of the most frequent air conditioner errors is, regrettably, using a bad drainage system. As a result, many properties have this type of water damage.

It is strongly recommended that you consult a professional if you have any queries regarding how to build your drainage system. They will fix the drainage system for you, making sure that everything is in the proper location for the future.

Incorrect ductwork sealing

AC installation

Many individuals frequently seal the ductwork incorrectly. Since forced air may leak out of duct gaps as it travels through them, this can significantly reduce your AC’s effectiveness.

Your ductwork shouldn’t have any cracks in any way. If there are any cracks, they should be filled with a long-lasting sealant rather than tape. This is a simple remedy that technicians skilled in air conditioning maintenance can do. Verify the level of security for your ducts.

Poor Insulation

The room’s proper insulation is a crucial component. The voids between the top and bottom glass windows must be filled with insulating foam when using a window air conditioner. Better insulating panels are available specifically for window air conditioners. It is indeed essential to install the proper size ducts for split-AC systems. Any errors in the calculation of the duct’s size might lead to incorrect cooling system performance and early mechanical failure. The duct’s size is determined based on load circulation. Issues can also arise from poorly sealed ducts because they allow cooled air to escape, putting more strain on the air conditioner.

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