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jotun wall paint

The greatest, quickest, and least expensive alternative for giving an old space a fresh vibe and increasing its marketability is painting. Although there are several paint businesses in the UAE, we provide the best jotun wall paint solutions on the market. They are offered in latex or oil and have various sheens. Jotun is one of the major paint brands in the Middle East. 

Jotun Wall Paints and Coatings is the most popular paint in the United Arab Emirates. However, Jotun Multicolor is readily available in the U.A.E. thanks to hundreds of stores and suppliers. The superior paint quality and a broad spectrum of colors offered by Jotun Paints are its finest features. Thus, Jotun Paint provides wood, floor, ornamental, interior, exterior, and industrial paints.

Why use Jotun Wall Paint?

Jotun Paints is well-known in the Dubai paint markets, due to the usage of technologically inspired paints and coatings that are created to fulfill industry requirements. This company’s goods are created with sustainability in mind. The premium decorative paints from Jotun Dubai Paints are particularly well-known for providing long-lasting, attractive finishes. They are also known for their carefully designed coatings for protecting steel from passive fire as well as oxidation and fouling on solid metal surfaces. Moreover, The greatest Jotun Paints can be found in Dubai at Jotun Lady Design, Fenomastic, and Jotashield.


jotun wall paint

According to Jotun, paints, and varnishes are essential to a sustainable future. All they can do is try to be responsible and safeguard property with as few negative environmental effects as possible.

Technologies and innovation

To meet its clients’ demands for protection in a dynamic environment, Jotun creates goods and services. So, they combine cutting-edge technology and our first-hand experience to address the problems at hand.


jotun wall paint

Whenever someone plans to paint their house, the first thing they consider is the color tones and combinations. Customers often select color combinations online and transmit them to their service providers so they may deliver those colors. Every client or service provider in Jotun paints in Dubai has access to 1500 different color spectrums to pick from. We have a lot of trouble selecting color colors, finding materials, and getting them from other manufacturers, so we prefer to choose Jotun Wall Paint.

Products of Jotun Paints

jotun wall paint

Fenomastic (Interior Paints)

The ultimate color experience is offered by Jotun Fenomastic Rich Matt, an emulsion of exceptional quality with a lovely matt finish that makes colors look richer. However, the colors are the most realistic; exactly what you see on the color card will appear on the wall. Ideal for all interior locations, including living rooms, bedrooms, and other high-visibility places.

Exterior Paints Jotashield

Premium quality pure acrylic exterior paints with superior color performance are available under the names Jotashield ColourLast and Jotashield Colorextreme. It requires less maintenance because of its improved low-dirt pick-up technology and longer life cycle. Additionally, Jotun’s latest assortment of exquisite exterior paints will enchant anybody who views your house.

Jotafloor Topcoat (Epoxy Flooring)

A two-component, polyamide-cured, high-performance Jotun epoxy paint for floor coating is called Jotafloor Topcoat. It is simple to apply and is offered in a variety of colors with high gloss and color durability through Jotun’s multicolor industrial (MCI) tinting technology. However, It offers high resistance to chemicals, erosion, and pressure. If slide resistance is necessary, the system can employ Jotafloor Non-Slip Aggregate (fine or medium). Generally, It serves as a topcoat in an ambient setting.

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing professional painting services in Dubai for over 25 years. We use Jotun wall paints for all our projects to give a sustainable and durable look to any exterior and interior. In the workplace, we have a strong reputation for dependability and skill. So, if you have a maintenance problem in or around your home that needs professional, reasonably priced services, Sabir Maintenance is your one-stop destination. In addition to the services mentioned above, we are also skilled in:

  • Plumbing Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Flooring & tiling
  • Carpentry services
  • Gypsum / Drywall
  • Interior Fitouts
  • Air Conditioning

We are one of the best because:

  • A huge competent and experienced crew
  • Project completion on or before the deadline
  • Guaranteed Low-Cost Painting Services in Dubai
  • Our teams are all properly insured.
  • Outstanding after-sales support
  • We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards as payment methods.


Jotun Paints is a commonly used paint brand in terms of going to the store, selecting a color, acquiring samples, and prices. In Dubai, Jotun Paint stores are primarily found within a 5–10 km radius. Therefore, Jotun is the greatest option and is readily accessible for purchase in Dubai. You can contact Sabir Maintenance Est today to inquire about any painting services in Dubai you may need, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with the best and most affordable proposal to fit your estimated budget and timeline. Rest assured that your search for the best painting companies in Dubai has come to an end. We are just one call away. Thus, contact us today at 052-7504941 and get a reasonable price quotation.

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