Mistakes to avoid while installing water heaters

water heater

Water heaters play a significant role throughout the winter even if their use is relatively modest in hotter climates like Dubai. A specialist will be needed to install a water heater because it is a bit complex to do it yourself. Keep in mind that not all technicians are qualified specialists. The water heater may sustain harm if improper installation is carried out. The following errors should be avoided while installing water heaters: 

Purchasing the incorrect-sized hot water system

The majority of the time, people purchase water heaters that are just too large for their purposes. A standard shower bath uses 50-80 gallons of hot water. But depending on your demands, picking the finest model can not only help you save money on initial and ongoing costs. However, purchasing a system that is too huge loses resources such as time and money. Consequently, you need expert advice on the best hot water system.

Incorrect soldering

water heater

Soldering cables too close to the water tank is a typical error worker make while installing water heaters. The surrounding wires might melt as the electric heater warms up. Leave one connection and connect a new one a long way from the pipes connecting the heater to prevent accidents.

Putting it in a risk area

The location of your water heater is crucial for its performance, convenience, and protection. Storage spaces, lofts, and underfloor areas may not be permitted to place a tank water heater based on specific rules. As modern models are broader and better insulated than previous units, you can’t conclude the same position would work if you’re replacing an old water heater. An expert plumber will ensure sure your water heater has the right space and accessibility, as well as enough ventilation.

Not Paying Close Attention to Instructions

A heater installation is not an easy operation. You need every piece of equipment to perform the installation securely, it demands a great deal of concentration and attention to detail.

Thus, before you start the installation procedure for your water heater, ensure you have read and comprehended all of the instructions. Even accidentally skipping or only partially completing a step might lead to a malfunctioning water heater that could cause your home to overflow.

Activating without first filling the water

water heater

This is also another error that we frequently make at home. The heating plate will become damaged if the heater is turned on with no water in it. Excessive heating of a water plate without any water will burn the inside coil and start a fire. So, before turning on the heater, quickly check to see whether there is water in the house by opening a tap.


You can take on a lot of jobs around your house by yourself. We do not believe that installing a water heater is one of them. Trusting the experts at Sabir Maintenance is the wiser course of action. Call us right away to set up an appointment. We have 25 years of plumbing expertise in Dubai with skilled and knowledgeable employees.

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