Ac Duct Cleaning  Dubai

Sabir Maintenance Company is your go-to partner for AC Duct Cleaning  Dubai. Committed to excellence, our professional duct cleaners specialize in professional AC duct cleaning services with advanced equipment to remove dust, allergens and contaminants that pollute indoor environments and lower energy bills. Choosing Sabir Maintenance Company as your AC Duct Cleaner in Dubai means cleaner air, reduced energy costs and an extended system lifespan – your comfort is our number one concern!

We are Dubai’s top provider of HVAC maintenance. Our organization has a group of repair and maintenance experts that will carefully analyze your equipment and precisely identify the root of issues to find the best available solutions. You can quickly get your air conditioner back up and running with the expert help of our professionals. Therefore, give us a call right now. Our other top air conditioning services are listed below. Sabirmnt offers you the Best Quality Ac Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai at the Best Price.


Ac Repair Dubai

Sabir Maintenance Est. offers services for air conditioning installation, repair, and duct cleaning In Dubai. There is no need to go to the level of scouring Dubai’s streets for the ideal service providers. The convenience of your home is everywhere. The highest caliber AC Repair & Maintenance services in Dubai are provided by our incredibly skilled and qualified AC
Technicians. For a cozy and secure atmosphere, Sabirmnt can work with you to repair the issue
or replace your outdated ac system.

Our organization is Dubai’s top provider of HVAC maintenance. Our business has a group of repair and maintenance experts who will carefully inspect your unit and precisely identify the root of issues to ascertain the finest potential remedies. You can quickly get your air conditioning system up and running again with the help of our team.

 Ac installation in Dubai

New AC installation, Split, duct type, central, cassette tape, and warehouse cooling units. Experience efficient cooling and comfort with Sabir maintenance expert team. Schedule your new AC installation now.


A/c Service & Maintenance

Detailed AC service & Maintenance, gas top-up, motor, and parts lubrication, filter and drainage services, and air duct cleaning.

Sabir Maintenance offers top-notch AC service and maintenance solutions. With a team of skilled technicians, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your air conditioning system runs efficiently. From regular check-ups to thorough cleaning and repairs, we guarantee optimal cooling performance. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Whether it’s preventive maintenance or addressing sudden breakdowns, Sabir Maintenance has you covered. Enjoy a comfortable and cool environment all year round with our reliable AC services. Your comfort is our priority, and we strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of air conditioning maintenance.

AC Duct installation

Our AC Duct installation services ensure efficient cooling and heating in any space. Our trained technicians specialize in every stage of installation from design through implementation. We create tailored ductwork solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers to optimize airflow while minimizing energy wastage – guaranteeing an ideal indoor environment and energy savings! Whether residential or commercial projects, our professional installation process ensures a comfortable indoor experience while simultaneously saving costs with efficient AC performance. Trust us to keep your system operating optimally for comfort and cost savings.


    AED 220
    Outdoor unit
    Checking Gas
    Testing Temp
    Final Checkup
    Get started
    AED 750
    Cleaning indoor & out
    Cleaning up Tray
    Test Gas Level
    All Parts Check
    FInal Testing
    Get started
    AED 450
    Securing the area
    Duct Cleaning
    Disinfection Treatment
    Final Checkup
    Get Started
    AED 500
    low volt kit
    app setup
    Get Started

HVAC Services

Enjoy top-quality HVAC solutions in Dubai by our team of experts. Starting with installation, maintenance through repairs, we can cover every aspect of HVAC. Our certified technicians’ expertise in every project to timely and prompt HVAC services to improve the quality of indoor air – count on us for dependable solutions that improve your working or living experience by providing high-end services for residential and commercial areas alike! Our customers’ satisfaction is of the utmost significance. Call us today to receive the best service that will create the most pleasant experience.

Coil Cleaning

Get the best performance and long-term durability in your HVAC system by taking advantage of our expert service for cleaning your coils. As time passes dust and dirt build up on the coils, which reduces the efficiency and quality of air. Our expert technicians employ procedures that are endorsed by industry experts to clean thoroughly both condenser and evaporator coils, which improves performance and efficiency in energy use. Regular maintenance of your coil does more than prolong its life but also reduces the cost of expensive repairs to come in the near future. We offer comprehensive coil cleaning services that ensure maximum system efficiency while also extending life span. Schedule today to breathe fresh air while enjoying continuous temperature control.

Aircon Service Companies Dubai

New Ac installation

New AC installation, Split, duct type, central, cassette tape, and warehouse cooling units.

Ac Duct cleaning services Dubai

A/c Service & Maintenance

Detailed AC service & Maintenance, gas top-up, motor, and parts lubrication, filter and drainage services, and air duct cleaning.

Aircon Service Companies Dubai

Ac Duct Cleaning Services Dubai

Basic air pressure duct cleaning, jet water pressure duct cleaning.

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