Electrical Services

Sabir Maintenance Est. is one of the best Electrical Services Companies Dubai that connects you with experienced electricians. We offer a comprehensive range of Electric Repair and Maintenance services, such as wire replacement, light replacement, dimmer switch replacement, wall socket replacement, and so on. We also change or install Modular Switches, Semi-Modular Switches, Light Fittings, Wires, and Cables. Moreover, we have a professional team of experts to walk you through every electrical services.

Electrical System Upgrade

If you are redesigning or making major modifications to your home, you will need to replace the electrical system. Also, maintain it up to date with your suitable needs and requirements. Contact Us if you want this project done right and with high-quality services. We will supply you with all sorts of services for your house, apartment, and office.

Changing Plugs and Switches

Even if you installed the greatest items in the first place, the switches, and sockets in your house, apartment, and business will ultimately require repair and replacement. Repairing and replacing sockets in electrical systems after 2-3 years is a fairly typical maintenance operation. Our company has a specialized and well-trained electrical crew for this type of repair and maintenance work.


Fluctuation in Electrical Services Dubai Diagnosis

If you are experiencing fluctuation or rapid changes in the flow of electricity at your location, it is due to damage to your electrical system. In that case, simply call us and we will send the best and most professional electricians to your location. We will get the job done as quickly as possible.

Repair of Damaged Electrical Services in Dubai

If your electrical system is damaged as a result of an accident or a fluctuation in the flow of power, it is advised that it be rectified or repaired by specialists. So contact us for any electrical problems.

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