Flooring and Tiling


The floor may be one of the first things guests or customers see when entering your home or place of business. Clean, well-maintained flooring gives your house a vivid gloss. It is crucial that we take excellent care of your floors and have them frequently cleaned and shined because expensive stone floors cannot be simply replaced. Sabir maintenance offers a comprehensive care plan for flooring and tiling that includes stripping, sealing, waxing, and polishing your floors. We provide tile and marble floor cleaning businesses in Dubai. It is available in residential, business, and office buildings. We are one of the best tiling companies Dubai to give you professional finishing.

Installation and repairs of wood floors

Need a new floor, or to fix or replace boards that have been harmed by water, dogs, moving furniture, or other factors? The collective experience of all of our neighborhood home improvement specialists exceeds ten years on average. You can rely on our worry-free warranty for the installation and repairs of wood floors.

Installation & Repairs of Tile

No matter where in your home you need assistance, including the bathroom, kitchen, entrance, basement, or laundry room, our home renovation specialists will show up with all the necessary tiling tools and supplies to do the project properly.


Laying and Repairing Laminate Flooring

Sabir Maintenance excels in laying and repairing laminate flooring with precision and expertise in Dubai. Their skilled professionals ensure meticulous installation, measuring, cutting, and interlocking of laminate panels for a seamless finish. When repairs are needed, they adeptly replace damaged sections, maintaining the flooring’s uniform appearance. With attention to detail, Sabir Maintenance guarantees durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s initial installation or repair work, their proficiency in laminate flooring guarantees a visually pleasing and long-lasting result. Count on Sabir Maintenance for top-notch service, enhancing the allure of spaces through flawless laminate flooring solutions in Dubai.

Floor Maintenance and tiling companies in Dubai


Sabir maintenance exceeds every expectation and provide top-notch services. Dubai Clean Inc. introduce tile for your house or place of business to add beauty, simplicity, elegance, and values. It will also add permanency to any existing or future construction projects. Sabirmnt.net provides the greatest tile installation and tiling companies in Dubai, as well as benefits from the best tile repair shed. We undertake the majority of remodeling and repair tasks for kitchens, bathrooms, existing rooms, patios, and much more in addition to tile work.

Therefore, A well fitted tile in any room or foyer instantly exudes a feeling of coziness, elegance, and sophistication. Your new floor will be installed using tiles whose support may be both heavy and thin after the tiles has been filled in. Tile floor installation is essential in large spaces to cover up subfloor flaws. However, we always come to a legal agreement before installing your tile carpet if your material is ceramic carpet tile or semi precious granite, .